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About us

Since inception on 23 November 1987, Enmark has been providing total solutions to optimise the process and enhance the quality. As the raw materials are getting scarcer and the energy bills are escalating, it is very important to keep competitive especially as globalisation creeps into our everyday lives. By using the proven state-of-the-art equipments to measure the parameters, the quality of the finished products can be greatly enhanced besides reducing rejects and scraps while conserving energy.

ATB Precision Step Systems (formerly Danfoss)

- for fast & accurate positioning

Linear feeding       


Rotary knife


- state of the art drying

Airless dryer

* Minimises the risk of catching fire
* As the air is re-circulated, it saves energy


- Dual UV IR flame scanner

Industrial flame monitor

For petroleum, refineries, power generation

JS & Condair Humidifiers

- humidifier & evaporative cooling

Tobacco humidification

Operating theatre, CAT scan, Cancer Ward, ICU


- infrared pyrometer for:

Glass industry     

Continuous casting of steel, rolling mill

Induction furnace        


- infrared measurement of:

Moisture in tobacco     

Moisture & oil in chips, milk powder & coffee

Coating thickness

Red Lion Controls

- wireless monitoring & control

Modem connectivity

Alarm messaging via